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For Resellers

Cultivating real-time, "buy-cycle" end-user leads using internet doorway sites


Technology resellers are facing new challenges in reducing the cost of sales while increasing revenue. Expensive marketing campaigns simply aren't working in this economy. 2100v provides the GenerationV lead program to supply consistent, highly qualified leads to your sales organization in real-time. We even put live sales people on the web (instant discussion window with customers)

Real-Time Lead Delivery

The world's only real-time, buy-cycle inquiry delivery system for high technology

The internet never sleeps and neither does the marketplace. Powered by end-users, captured by the search engines and 2100v, and delivered, real-time into the sales organization. Target by market segment, technology sector, vertical or geographic. The GenerationV technology lead program is the kind of cost-effective lead source that resellers need in this economy. The program can be contracted by the manufacturer or the reseller.   more on our real-time lead delivery>>         more on our programs >>


"Buy-Cycle" Inquiries. Delivering the Decision to Buy

We don't just deliver leads, we deliver the "decision to buy". In the high technology marketplace the ability to deliver the buyer to the supplier DURING THE BUY CYCLE has been the dream of marketing departments worldwide.  2100v delivers this dream today. Trade shows cost 10's of thousands, display ads are in the thousands. What kind of measurable return do you expect from these investments? For a few hundred dollars a month, you can have the lead flow of 3 dedicated web sites working for you 24/7/365. Sites that are at the very top of the search engines and producing hundreds and hundreds of leads.      more on "buy-cycle" inquiries >>             questions? >>


MDF (Marketing Development Funds) Partner

We provide a significant number of GenerationV service contracts under an MDF (Marketing Development Funds) Program.  We provide presentation materials and even provide online presentations and conference calls with your manufacturing partners to generate interest in funding the program. Manufacturers love the program because it supplies the most measurable return of any MDF project possible! Measurable, and guaranteed at least 3X the ROI of trade shows, display ads, or direct mail.  for more information on MDF program participation send inquiry here >>