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Lowering the Cost of Sales using internet "doorway site" lead generation 

Challenge of the current economy: Increase sales while drastically reducing the actual cost of producing those sales.             Solution: GenerationV technology lead service

Trade shows cost 10's of thousands, display ads are in the thousands. What kind of measurable return do you expect from these investments? For a few hundred dollars a month, you can have the lead flow of multiple, dedicated web sites working for you 24/7/365. Sites that are at the very top of the search engines and producing hundreds and hundreds of leads. Guaranteed! In fact, guaranteed to produce 3X the ROI of any other marketing method!                  more on program cost>>

COST-EFFECTIVE: Powered by end-users, captured by the search engines and 2100v, and delivered, real-time into the sales organization. Target by market segment, technology sector, vertical or geographic. The GenerationV technology lead program is the kind of cost-effective lead source that you need in this economy.

MEASURABLE:  GenerationV is the most measurable lead generation vehicle available today. Trackable ROI is the key to wise expenditures in a sales campaign The internet provides the most precise ability to measure end-to-end return on investment possible. No other marketing medium provides such precision in accountability. We provide site traffic statistics, click-through rates (# of leads per # of browsers), and multiple tiers of response right down to buy cycle, urgency and configuration requirements. Along with your tracking of revenue generated, this program provides the ability to track ROI down to the penny of return on investment. And by the way we guarantee 3X the ROI of trade shows, trade publications or display ads. Measurable, trackable, guaranteed.   question?


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