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Surgical Targeting with Internet Lead Generation


The GenerationV lead program uses multiple "doorway" sites allowing surgical precision in customer and market-segment targeting. The search engines are natural filters for specific interests and qualities. Because the search engines operate on specific keywords and phrases, chosen by the customer, proper keyword research and search positioning will provide pinpoint accuracy in drawing exactly the right customers to exactly the right sites.  program specifics >>

The GenerationV technology lead program combines over a decade of experience in technology marketing with 5 years of intensive research into "Search Engine Optimization". When you subscribe to GenerationV we conduct extensive keyword research in your market segment or technology sector. We then apply this research to the positioning of multiple doorway sites, each targeting different sets of keyword and phrases, hence different segments, sectors, verticals or application-specific environments.       more on vertical markets >>       have a question? click here>>

Each site presents content consistent with the sets of search criteria used, delivering the viewer precisely what they want, in the first page and generating maximum staying power and "click-through" (leads). The result is a profoundly well-rounded AND well-targeted "campaign" which delivers over 3X the ROI of any trade shows, direct mail or display ads. Guaranteed. more on GenerationV >>