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The most cost-effective, rapid and measurable product launch vehicle available today

RAPID: The 2100v lead generation program, called GenerationV, is a service that provides technology manufacturers with a rapid and precise launch vehicle. We can deploy multiple, product-specific doorway sites in as little as 3 weeks, fully indexed to the search engines and generating top traffic in as little as 30 days. We can even provide language-specific (translated) doorway sites for simultaneous or tiered launch across a worldwide geography. The internet provides groundbreaking ability to access vertical markets, with precision targeting, in astonishing time. No other marketing method provides immediate, simultaneous access to vertical markets for a product launch.                                                                 more on vertical market positioning>>

COST-EFFECTIVE: GenerationV is an exceptionally cost-effective tool for product launches. Trades shows cost 10's of thousands and more, ad campaigns run many thousands and it is often questionable what measurable return these venues produce. For a few hundred dollars a month (our base program is $7,000) you can have the benefit of multiple web sites (typical program is 3) working 24/7/365 converting search engine inquiries into channel partners and end-user leads.        more on program cost>>

MEASURABLE:  GenerationV is the most measurable product launch vehicle available today. Trackable ROI is the key to wise expenditures in a product launch. The internet provides the most precise ability to measure end-to-end return on investment possible. No other marketing medium provides such precision in accountability. We provide site traffic statistics, click-through rates (# of leads per # of browsers), and multiple tiers of response right down to buy cycle, urgency and configuration requirements. Along with your tracking of revenue generated, this program provides the ability to track ROI down to the penny of return on investment. And by the way we guarantee 3X the ROI of trade shows, trade publications or display ads. Measurable, trackable, guaranteed. question?


Rapid Channel Development

GenerationV is an exceptional tool for rapid channel development, providing instantaneous worldwide exposure through the search engines. We target "early curve" terminology in order to attract OEMs, distributors, systems integrators, VARs, retailers and resellers and provide in depth "qualification" forms for channel inquiries. The "doorway sites" are also used to develop end-user leads for channel support. A program can be deployed and generating leads in as little as 3 weeks, making this an extraordinary product launch vehicle or a rapid way to access vertical markets you may be missing.     more on channel development>>