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Vertical Market Access Using Internet Doorway Sites

The ultimate in precision targeting is search engine keywording. Your vertical markets are going to the net to research and acquire technology. They do it in hundreds of ways that we research and utilize in engine positioning. Gaining access to a broad range of vertical markets is simply a matter of extensive, researched and skillful search engine positioning. 

A single trade show would never cover the range of verticals that you need to access. A single node of web presence doesn't either. "Multiple Node Web Presence" is the new answer to gaining the inquiries of specific verticals. Trade shows are immensely expensive, provide narrow vertical focus, and their ROI is slipping consistently. Trade publications just don't get the phone ringing like they used to, but the cost hasn't gone down! Your verticals are going to the net now, and you need to as well, if you are going to capitalize on this growing trend.

Outbound calling doesn't work any more because buyers don't take cold calls anymore. Direct mail is wasteful, expensive, and simply doesn't work well. How are you going to generate qualified inquiries for your sales force or channel? Your verticals are going to the net. You need to be showing up there. In a much more dynamic way than you are now. Simply "Optimizing" your corporate site is not going to achieve this. You need GenerationV.