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Frequently asked Questions               

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Q: Why is it necessary to use "doorway" sites instead of using our own site?

A: There are many reasons for this, here are the most important:

  • Focus. Most manufacturer sites are focused on branding, corporate positioning and   technology. These are excellent aims and most manufacturer sites do this well. However, performing on search engines, positioning for market segments, specific geographies, vertical markets, and application-specific searches are the primary aims of a "doorway" site and they accomplish this task much more powerfully than a site which is not built for this purpose.
  • Design. The best performing sites on the search engines were built to    perform that way from the bottom up. The criteria for designing a "Search Engine Optimized" site is completely different than the criteria for a corporate site. To properly "re-build" an existing site to perform well on the search engines is difficult and would most certainly disrupt the objectives of the original design.
  • Reach. In the same way that a single trade show or display ad could never accomplish the exposure objectives you have, a single node of web presence canít accomplish all objectives either. "Multiple Node" web presence provides the ability to target specific applications, market segments or potential customers in a way that a single presence simply cannot. Search engines respond to focus on a limited set of keywords. Focus on too many and the search engines will not rank you well. So, in order to have good market reach AND good search engine positioning, "doorway" sites must be used.

Q: Is the program guaranteed?

A: Yes. We guarantee a minimum of 3 times the ROI produced by trade shows, display ads or direct mail. Dollar for dollar. Period. We will show you our "doorway sites" for existing clients and show you precisely where they show up on the search engines for critical keywords.

Q: Are you an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company?

A: We have the Skills of an SEO and more; our focus is technology. We are Search Engineers. Our sites occupy top positions on all major search engines. That's how we generate leads. We'll be happy to show you those positions. A normal SEO will attempt to "Optimize" your corporate site with a handful of keywords that you give them. The problem is that performance on the engines comes from hundreds of keywords, not just a few. Building and indexing this kind of "keyword database" for your specific market requires skilled keyword research by technology marketing specialists. As well, we take accountability down to the generation of live, real-time inquiries. This requires skill in "Click-Through" technique which an SEO does not provide. 

Q: How does this differ from other lead generation methods? 

A: Internet Lead Generation is the future, now. The reason is simple, PERMISSION. Leads generated on the internet are generated by the browser, not a 3rd party. They are generated by permission, not by intrusion. All old lead generation methods are based on "intrusion", which simply doesn't work anymore. Now that buyers can go to the net, research  5 solutions in 30 minutes and get quotes and information when they want, old methods have just stopped working. Buyers don't have time for intrusions. Cold calling doesn't work. "Static" profiling of companies doesn't work. The internet works because they come to you. By the way banners don't work that well either and the reason is that Search Results are what the buyer gave permission to deliver, not banners.

Q: How do we get started?

A: Contact us. Fill out a free consultation form here

email:  or call 888-955-4816 ext. 88