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The Magic of the Internet: Buy-Cycle Inquiries


We don't just deliver leads, we deliver the "decision to buy". In the high technology marketplace the ability to deliver the buyer to the supplier DURING THE BUY CYCLE has been the dream of marketing departments worldwide.  2100v delivers this dream today. Trade shows cost 10's of thousands, display ads are in the thousands. What kind of measurable return do you expect from these investments? For a few hundred dollars a month, you can have the lead flow of 3 dedicated web sites working for you 24/7/365. Sites that are at the very top of the search engines and producing hundreds and hundreds of leads.  

Trade shows, trade publications, and direct mail tend to work on "static" leads. Inquiries that, however interested at the time, are NOT currently in their buy-cycle. Dormant. Static. Static lead development is a 20th century technique. This is the 21st century and live, dynamic, real-time leads are what produce results. 

The internet allows the potential buyer to do research, compare, price-shop and decide in a "last minute" mode at the press of a button (search engines). This enables the buyer to save time and attracts "buy-cycle" inquiries. Coupled with real-time delivery to the sales organization, an unsurpassed level of responsiveness is achieved. An absolute necessity in the competitive environment of today. 

Buy-Cycle inquiries. Real-Time lead delivery. Maximum responsiveness. All stack up to increased sales and lower cost-of-sales. We guarantee it.